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Hellloooooo! Happy valentine’s day everyone!


First, thank you. Thanks for following me, and for liking/reblogging my stuff, for sending messages, I really appreciate it! Second, I’ve got too many favourite blogs but I only talk and know a few people here on Tumblr, so this won’t be a huge Follow Forever. Third, follow the blogs I mentioned because they’re awesome people and their blogs are great! Thanks again and enjoy it. Have a Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it. Happy Holidays!

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Thanks again - Sorry if I don’t follow you, this is a secondary blog. You can also find me on my blogs.

thanks! <333

So after hesitating for a while I have finally decided to make a Christmas follow forever. First of all I would like to thank all of my followers for sticking around with me for another year and hopefully for them not to give up on me for another year to come - love you all! And then I would like to thank to all of my friends I’ve made here because I love you to pieces, you guys know who I am talking about. Alright so here goes the list of the most awesome blogs on my dash and the most awesome people I’ve met here. Thank you all so much and Merry Christmas to y’all!


D/E/F/Gdeanpendragon, dothakidowneyman

H/I/J/K/L/: herzdiebiero, jalexslikeaunicorn

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R/S/T/-/-: rnagicalmysterytour, samwincsantamachined
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-/X/-/Z/: xasiralx, xheartburn, zackmerricx,


aww aww thank you! <33